"DDG is cultivating boys into gentleman.  We are changing the lives of young men that society has marked as inferior and speaking to the king within each of them."

-Deon Generette

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Dapper and Distinguished Gentlemen (DDG) is a movement that is designed to cultivate

young boys into gentlemen.


Our organization, DDGentlemen, strives to provide education to 4th-12th grade young men (as well as college students) with necessary tools to become gentlemen of character and vision in society.


Our curriculum focuses on the following core principals:

  • Character Building

  • Goal Development

  • Adolescent Changes

  • Social Media Awareness

  • Etiquette

  • Financial Literacy

  • Leadership Development (Conflict Resolution)

  • Code Switching

  • Healthy Friendships/Relationship

  • Drug Prevention 

  • Vision 


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